About me

I'm based in Cork, Ireland with my wife Impi and two children Taran and Lucy. I've been interested in design and technology since an early age. As a teenager I loved putting together websites in Photoshop and HTML, it was so exciting to be able to create your own website and have it available for everyone to see.

As a designer now, I provide a product team with a vision of what we can build, and help us break apart and solve difficult system and user problems. In Intercom this has included designing how customers can send personalised and dynamic content at scale - across multiple channels, allowing people to filter data for targeting and improving the setup flow for custom domains. In Poppulo the challenge was designing a categorisation system for mobile apps that would allow employees to choose the content they wanted to receive from their organisation.

My goal as a designer is to help drive work forward, make sure we are focused on the customer problem and ensure that what we build is simple and usable.


I've written a couple of articles on design below: