About us

Our aim:

The premise of Chuffey is simple.
We create work that is professional, creative and which improves our client’s sales.

Chuffey is a design agency founded by George Longwill in 2004. Now over 12 years in business the company has created a wide range of digital and print design work especially in the pharmaceutical and agri-business sectors.

George is the head of design at Chuffey and has vast experience in graphic and interface design. He has an M.A. in Professional Design Practice from DIT and is a long standing member of the Irish Design Institute.

A brief history of Chuffey

A Brief History…

2004 2004
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Formed Chuffey Media Ltd., and worked on some of my very first websites. The company’s biggest client at the time being my dad!
Pictured: Our family enjoying the prime celtic-tiger years.


Some of my first efforts at agri-marketing. I’ve rarely stopped photoshopping cows ever since.
Pictured: Cover for direct mail leaflet for Buttermax


Liz joined Chuffey as a fellow Director and Sales manager
Pictured: Liz trying to sell our new concept to the guy from Dragon’s Den “It’s this amazing new product called a BOOK!”


In 2013 we moved into the Digital Hub in Dublin a really nice place to work for a few years!
Pictured: Myself and Liz shamelessly self-promoting


2016 was a busy year for Chuffey, we opened an office in Manchester and went ‘global’ and Liz gave birth to her daughter Clara.
Pictured: Liz standing next to a fancy car pretending she owns it


In 2017 we decided it was too stressful ‘going global’ so we moved to Cork! Here we intend to continuously improve our UI/UX offering and concentrate on giving our clients the best service possible.
Pictured: Our new base at Phoenix House, Monahan Road, Cork